Thursday, June 2, 2011


As I had mentioned in my post yesterday, I had the opportunity to work on the recently published indie comic "The Intrepids", and one of my favourite parts of that working experience was getting to do a pin up for the second issue.
I always love the opportunity to interpret someone else's character design, to add my own creative spin to another artists idea's. 
In this case, I was particularly drawn to the visuals of the Chester character. I loved that he had an almost preppy / geeky outfit , something like a prep school uniform, and then he had all these gadgets and mechanical contraptions adorning him. The big clunky backpack he carries around with him, and his massive fisted gauntlet where a blast to add my own take to.
The character is often on the sidelines of the action as well, surveying with a collections of monitors and computers, so here you have my version of Chester from the Intrepids, which appeared in the back of the second issue.

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