Thursday, April 8, 2010

FromTheDepths - Penciled stage

     I've been talking a lot about drawing comics lately, and I'm very determined to make my way into the comic publishing world, but not many people have seen the pages from my first short story yet, so here they finally are. 
These are obviously at the pencil stage, I'm in the process of refining and inking the pages at the moment, and I plan on completing them; adding colour and design work, and possibly self publishing the story. I've also been adding to the story and might expand on it further.
It's about a clash between to worlds, or two ways of life. The environment is supposed to be eerie and surreal. It follows a strange young man-like creature in the depths of the ocean among caverns of coral reef. He encounters a young woman, a diver exploring the desolate landscape that is his habitat. They meet, and we see what reactions come from two self aware beings, from similar but different species, meeting for the first time..